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"There is more
hunger for LOVE
in this world
than for bread."
~Mother Teresa

My Business is LOVE and

~Sherrie Rose

My Business is LOVE and business is booming!

~Sherrie Rose

Love is the only way to grasp another human being in the innermost core of his personality.”

~Viktor Frankl

My Business is LOVE -
How Can I Help You?

~Sherrie Rose




What is the “ Love Business”?

This seems like the right question to ask - What is the "Love Business"?

The Business of Love has been going on since the dawn of mankind. Ancient texts in various walks of life and religions make reference to the business of love.

The business of love is everywhere, online, offline, in the ladies chambers. There are many forms of the love business. The business of love is informal with friends setting up blind dates and giving love advice. There are formal paid services in the business of love and there are free options with similiar services to the paid services.

Formal paid services include matchmaking services, online dating sites (some are free), digital membership sites that offer membership forums, audio and video information, one-one-one coaching, teleseminars, webinars, in-person relationship counseling, and various relationship and dating mentoring services.


My Business is LOVE and business is booming!

I've coined many terms and phrases in the business of love and one of my favorites is LOVEMATISM.

My Business is LOVE and business is booming! - For Men

Learn Secrets Most Men Will Never Know About Women, Dating And Love! I've been called the "secret weapon" for men so they can get the upper hand with women (and she'll be really HAPPY about it!) Register and take "The Man Class Accelerator."

My Business is LOVE and business is booming! - For Women

Learn Secrets Most Women Will Never Know About Men, Dating And Love! I reveal the secrets of becoming a love diplomat for keeping the peace, igniting passion, and skyrocketing sex (that would be a "naughty" love diplomat.)


My Business is LOVE and business is booming!

My business is love and I serve men and women and their LOVER RELATIONSHIPS: Between two consenting adults who have deep love and affection for one another. Adults is the key here, no minors are permitted to participate in my programs.


Most Love Relationships Go
From Casual => to Serious
=> to Commitment
From Casual to Commitment



My Business is LOVE and business is booming!

My business is love and you are hereby notified that I am in the business for the money. Yes, a profit. In addition to my own products and services, I recommend other products and services and if you purchase based on my recommendation, I may receive a sales commission. Like I said, my business is love. Fortunately, I only recommend the best products and services that will give you love success. Always check the guarantees.

Who is The Love Linguist ® 

I serve men who love women. Many of these men are entrepreneurs, internet alpha-geeks, and marketers who have lost their way or never knew how to get the best of out women. When a man can access and embrace a woman's energy for mutual benefit, then everyone wins! (and S*X gets much hotter!) Fill Her Love Bucket!

I serve women who love men and want to go "From Nagging to Naked." It is all part of the love system designed to turn women into (naughty) Love Diplomats for more exciting love lives and happier relationships.

Sherrie Rose, The Love Linguist, is author of 7 Ways to Fill Her Love Bucket, founder of the Love Success Series formerly The Love System and creator of The Man Class Series Accelerator and many other books and resources in the business of love.

Sherrie is known affectionately as Lady Love Bucket.

Check out the Love Bucket blog because Everybody Loves Love® 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:  Are you a student of love?  What is the future of love? Do you know real love dynamics? What are the 5 Love Dynamics? Do you know how to fill the love bucket of your lover?



The Love Success Series™

A series of books and written articles in the field of self-improvement and relationships. Entertainment and education services, namely, providing live and on-line seminars, training, motivational speaking services and personal appearances by a spokesperson in the field of self-improvement and relationships. Important Notice - Please Read

The Love Bucket® Formula

He WINS + She's HAPPY =
Your SEX LIFE Sizzles!

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